A draft Heritage Management Plan has been developed for the Kingston and Arthur’s Vale Historic Area. It establishes strategic principles for conservation of the Outstanding Universal Value and other heritage values of the Historic Area and seeks to improve connections with the local community, to demonstrate how heritage can benefit local people, including private landholders, to improve visitor experiences and to address resourcing and management issues.

Extensive consultation with the Norfolk Island community and representatives of the Australian and Norfolk Island Governments informed the development of the draft Plan.

How you can get involved
The Plan is on exhibition from 2 February to 15 March 2015.

You can download a copy of the Plan or the 8 page Synopsis from this website and copies are also available at:

We have set up an on-line Feedback Survey to help you express your views on the draft Plan. The Feedback Survey opens on 2 February and closes at midnight on 15 March 2015. You are also welcome to make a separate written submission.

All comments received will be considered as part of finalising the Plan following completion of the public exhibition period.